MTG Standard Tournament – Win a Booster Box!

Recently we’ve stuck to our usual schedule of events. I don’t add variations in our schedule very often and its been showing. Mostly I’ve done this so that players and families can plan on our schedule being The Schedule and not having to worry to much about surprises that result in time being wasted. But things are getting a little stagnant for some events so we are going to add some spice to those specific events to encourage some more turnout.

As our regulars know we run three to four regularly scheduled MTG events spread over the week. Tuesdays have been traditionally our board-game night. Wednesday has been our well attended Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League. Thursday our Heroclix event which is one of the longest running scheduled events we’ve had. We’ve been rounding out the edges of our week with FNM, Standard and Booster Drafts, and Modern on Mondays, beyond that we have been rotating around Standard Showdowns and other MTG events on Saturdays and Sundays. Newer to our schedule we’ve seen a resurgence of Warhammer in the store with Kill Team games regularly breaking out on Saturday and quite a few new faces playing full games on Sundays.

We are going to shake up Standard this coming Friday the 8th of March, so for FNM we are going to bring back and old tradition of running a “box” tournament for Standard. I do want to take it further from that and escalate the level of play at DB93 and see if we can work our crowd into some Legacy play and some higher end tournaments with bigger prize pay outs.

So first the details and this box tournament:

  •  This tournament will earn the first place winner a full booster display of Magic the Gathering. Hence: Box Tournament.
  • This tournament will be Standard Format
  • This tournament will be a Friday Night Magic Event
  • This tournament will have a Mandatory $10 buy in.
  • All cards that are in Standard Format and are Legal for Standard Play will be usable in this event.
  • We will pay out further prize support depending on attendance.
  • There will be a top 8 if we get sufficient quantities of people to have one. Ideally 24 or more, this will be subject to change. We will likely go with attendance greater than 16 needed.
  • The event will begin at usual times, which is 6:30pm start time for round one. I encourage you to be here by 6pm to make registration easy.

If more details spring to mind I’ll add them as the week goes on.

As for other events, keep watching our updates and posts for a Kill Team Arena tournament to round out our league.

We will have a Pokemon League Cup coming up that will be announced soon.

And I’ll be looking to try and lock down a good time to get us rolling with some 10 proxy allowed Legacy tournaments, as well as a “box” or some equivalent fun even for our Modern MTG Players.




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