April Reading Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to April Reading Challenge. What does that redundant statement mean? Well it means that I’ve scheduled actual distraction time for myself. Should be painting the massive backlog war-gaming miniatures I have, or building an online store coupled with a web/newsprint comic about shop stewardship, or clean my house, or become a better cook, or getting caught up reading the most current DC/Marvel/Dark Horse/Image/Boom/Dynamite comic books that I actively collect-

But NO, I will use lazy man menu section method to pick a graphic novel or trade paper back from the store Image shelf starting at the top left and keep going to the right until I’ve read every single book on that shelf. Even if I do one or two a day, I likely still won’t make it to the end of the shelf. Probably won’t make it out of the A section, and that is just ONE shelf. Why would you do this to yourself Dan? Well, because not all forms of self abuse need to be humiliating.


Not all comics are equal in quality, and it can at times be pretty cringe to make it all the way through one. I’m not going to be calling out any creators if I can help it, but I would like to praise those that are worthy of it. Too much effort goes into the publication of print media for me to get to uppity with my opinion, I am no expert. It is rare that I put something on my store shelf where I tell people not to bother. Here are a couple of the books I’ve read so far. (I’m testing out embedding pdfs, so if it doesn’t work, sorry to make you guinea pigs) I’ll post my thoughts and personal 1-5 rating for them. Regardless of MY thoughts though, you should always take a look for yourself.

Afar I give a hearty 4 out of 5. I think it has some really interesting world building and some fantastical character designs. I’d really like to see more of it at some point. The story isn’t too big for its britches either, which I like.

Alpha Girl was entertaining and strangely relevant in some weird ways. The store is a little been there-done-that where the genre is concerned. But it has a few moments of quality splat-gore fun. If I was going to fuss about anything its the prevalence of, Science BAD stories in a lot of books but in the context here I think they are poking fun at the evils of corporate greed and malfeasance getting ahead of good science and ethics. Which is touched briefly on, then straight down the lets laugh at zombies with ultra violence rabbit hole. 3 our of 5.

Not pictured yet, but I’ll get around it it. I’ve just finished reading Analog. Very interesting book. I give it high marks and will say some more about it down the road. But tell me, what is your challenge for the month? Squats and push-ups? Reading? Wood working? Watching ALL of Netflix? Wood working while doing squats and push-ups? Reach out on social media to us and let us know. We love hearing from you.

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