A handy tool to know whats new in Comics every Week

Every week Diamond Comics Distribution puts out Previews World. A nice little tool that lets you (and sometimes us) see whats coming out this week. I’ll try to make a habit of posting this on a weekly if not semi weekly basis, as I’m chatting with you and posting thoughts about business. So take a gander at Previews World and see whats cooking this week. Or better yet, stop in, we’d love to see you. New comics actually ship and arrive every Tuesday for us, and our street date for new titles is Wednesday, so a little pro tip for you collectors, we can give you a preview of whats on the horizon and get things stashed in those hold boxes before the fly off the shelf.

Also every weekday Monday through Friday they put out their New to Order updates. These are a lot of items on this page which don’t necessarily make it into the Diamond Catalog in store, but we can add these items for you before their cutoff. So be sure to peruse this section for all the newest items trickling out for preorder. Help us help you… TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! My favorite thing in the world is to successfully get your collecting needs taken care of.

So your homework going forward class:
Check out: Previews World at least weekly
Check out: New to Order daily if you are brave enough

You got this. Cheers!

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