Upcoming RCQ event on the 12th of November

Some details on our upcoming RCQ.

The Regional Championship Qualifier held at Docking Bay 93 on Sunday the 28th of August will have a registration deadline of 12pm that same day. Player meeting to start at that time. The Head Judge presiding will be Steven Boston. We will open our game space at 11am to accommodate final registrations and collecting deck lists. Format is Modern. Entry fee is $30.

If you wish to PreRegister you may:

Contact the Store via Phone, Facebook Messenger, Email, or preferably in person.

If you wish to secure your spot, you must prepay for your spot for 30 dollars, taxes are included in that amount. You may sign up for the event via the other means without prepayment, but we will only hold your spot up until 12pm on Sunday the 12th, if you are not here on time with cash in hand, your spot may go to the next person available on our wait list. If you are unable to come to the store and prepay in person at this time, you may do so via PayPal (that is the only method other than in person we currently have. Please include 4% if you are using goods/services, no need if you send FF)

The event will cap at 28 people. Round one will begin as soon as Mr. Boston is satisfied after any game business is declared.

Prize support will be broken down based on match win/loss record, how many places will be determined based on attendance. There will be a play off for the top prize, top eight will be determined by win/loss strength of record.

1st – Prize A
2nd- Prize B
3rd, 4th – Prize C
5th-8th – Prize D


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