Ongoing Weekly Event Schedule

Keep up to date with our Weekly Schedule of recurring events.

Sunday at 2:00pm – Yu-Gi-Oh constructed tournament, $5 entry
Monday at 6:00pm – Magic the Gathering – constructed Modern format, $5 entry.
Every other Tuesday at 5:00pm – Pokémon League, Free
Wednesday at 6:00pm – Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League, Free
Thursday at 6:00pm – One Piece CCG
Friday at 6:30pm – Friday Night Magic – Drafts $15 entry.
Saturday – Warhammer 40k, KillTeam, Age of Sigmar, or building. Bring your models, play is free.
Saturday at 12:00pm – One Piece CCG (as schedule allows)

Other events will come and go such as CCG Prereleases and special other Events (Pokémon League Cups, MTG RCQs, etc) that may be scattered through the month. These events we will usually schedule on our Facebook page with further details. Any days not listed here with previously running events you are welcome to contact us for game room availability.

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