Not Going to ECCC Pity Party 50% Sale

What is Not Going to ECCC Pity Party 50% Sale?

Can’t make it to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend and missing out on some great deals, that’s okay, we have them right here in town. I’ll be running a Fill’r’up box sale this coming weekend of Saint Patricks Day, so shine up your shamrocks cause it is your lucky day. That’s on Saturday the 16th of March and Sunday the 17th of March.

Every week our comics arrive in a number a very sturdy double corrugated boxes with handy dandy handles build right in. The inner case boxes will hold about 25-30 Manga books or about the same equivalent in trade paper backs, OR about 4 or 5 Funko Pop figures.

We usually run a buy 3 get the 4th free sale on all those items and allow for mixing and matching, but this weekend we are upping the stakes a bit and providing you with Diamond comic boxes to fill, whatever from the following selections you can fit in one of those boxes and still close the lid will be 50% off!

All Funko Figures

All Manga, on the shelf and in back stock

All trade paper backs and hard covers on the shelf and in back stock

Mix and match, just fill a box and close the lid, everything within will be 50% off. These boxes aren’t tiny, they are about 12″x10″x8″ in size, so come down and Tetris your way into some savings and be glad you didn’t waste that money on an autograph.



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