Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Infinity War

We are excited to bring to you this latest edition of Heroclix:  Avengers Infinity War. Boosters SRP at $15.99 but we’ll cut you a keen bladed deal of $120.00 for a full unopened booster brick (10 boosters in total!). In addition to this we’ll be running a Sealed tournament this Thursday the 17th of May at 6pm. Entry will be a mere $25 and grant you two boosters for this limited format tournament. Come join in the fun, collect, play, and win. The winner of the tournament will receive a limited edition Rocket Raccoon figure.

To see more amazing previews of this set check out Wizk!ds for a full page of products, released today, that we carry as well as a full preview sheet of the figures included in set (be sure to scroll All the way down).

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