Magic the Gathering RCQ 1-slot January 28th

Join us January 28th at noon to compete in a Magic the Gathering Standard Format Regional Championship Qualifier. This event will have a $30 buy in. Registration will close at 12:01pm. Once our judge is satisfied with announcements and deck list, we will begin round one. The event will be presided over by local judge Steven Boston.

We will open up Docking Bay 93 and our Game room early to accommodate same day registration. Early registration is possible but for us to hold your spot, we do require prepayment (Contact store directly or stop in for further details). If you do not wish to prepay that is fine, however we will not guarantee a spot if there are players present who are waiting with cash in hand.

Prize support will be flat and paid out to top eight in the form of store credit and will be determined via attendance and strength of record. There will be a play off for first place if we get 9 or more players.

Attendance promos will be issued before the end of the event.

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