Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!

The Vault

Newly Acquired.
This is something I've been hoping to acquire for the store for a long time. I ripped this description right out of the guts of amazon (Take that ya buggers!) when I was trying to get a price on this thing for a fellow who was moving and didn't want to pack up all that memorabilia. So, I got a pretty good deal on this thing but I just do NOT agree with the internets pricing on this bauble. This product has never been used, it has everything with it EXCEPT the original shipping box. But at the price I'm asking, beggers can't be choosers for something, complete, unused and in wonderful condition. With the deal I got I can pass that savings on to you. This is really something kinda pretty. I might even keep it myself if it hasn't gotten a bite by Christmas.
I'm asking $200.00 for this little gem.--- Sold
  • The Official Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set!
  • A Franklin Mint Exclusive!
  • 24kt Gold and Sterling Silver Plated Chess Pieces!
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Custom Tri-Dimensional Chess Rules and Strategy Booklet, Photo of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Playing Tri-Dimensional Chess and Custom Foam Packaging to Preserve this Beautiful Work of Art!
  • Crafted of Three Larger 4.25 inch Playing Boards plus Four Smaller 2.13 inch "Moveable Attack Boards"!



Sealed Onslaught MTG booster display

This is a fine example of schrodinger's cat. This is a full, sealed box of Magic the Gathering booster packs from the Onslaught set. Pictured below is a stock photo, this isn't the actual one, it is still strink wrapped.

$200  --- Sold

I am asking $200.00 for this sealed box which includes (until proven otherwise as per the above theory): Boodstained Mire, Fooded Strand and many other expensive and noteworthy cards that ARE in there and AREN'T. You don't know neither does the stupid cat! So buy it and find out! 

First Issue Featuring Death

Sandman #8. There were a couple of versions of this that came out. This particular first print version has a misprint. Which was interestingly enough, the mass market version. The corrected versions are the rarer and are of limited edition. However this IS the first appearance of Death in Neil Gaiman's Sandman. 

This little treausre is easily a near mint minus. Come down and get it whilst you can.


Acquired today.

All of these are now sold, thank you for the business. I'll try to keep these up as a record for what they were sold for.


TMNT #2 first printing. $55

TMNT #3 first printing. $60

TMNT #4 first printing. $30

Raphael Micro series #1 (one shot) $5