Magic the Gathering Battlebond Release Weekend

06/02/18 - 06/03/18 :: All Day

Docking Bay 93 is happy to announce we will be hosting several Battlebond tournaments over the course of the upcoming weekend of June the 2nd and June the 3rd as a PreRelease for this fantastic new set of Magic the Gathering. All of these tournaments shall be Two Headed Giant Sealed Events. This limited format will require that you have a partner. Entry Fee for Sealed Two Headed Giants will be $15 per player or $30 per team.

  • Each team of two receives six Battlebond booster packs.
  • The team builds two 40- card decks from the six booster packs — one deck for each player.
  • The remaining unused cards will create a shared sideboard.
  • Teams play single game matches.

If we have enough interest and enough product available we made switch the format of the Sunday evening even to Draft (but we’ll see how it all shakes out)

As of right now we are scheduled to run Two Headed Giant Sealed format at the following time slots
June 2nd – 12:30pm
June 2nd – 6:00pm
June 3rd – 12:30pm
June 3rd – 6:00pm (format subject to change or cancellation dependent upon participation.)

For further reading and study please see the following links!

Battle Mechanics

Two-Headed Giant Format

Gamepedia Condensed Rules

Handy Dandy PDF

Come join us! This format offers not just the fun of a Two Headed Giant and a certain amount of brevity. But this set also has some outstanding reprints. Take the time, learn the format, grab a partner and go!

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