Friday Night Magic – Win a Booster Display

03/08/19 :: 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

This Friday the 8th of March we will run a Standard Event, as usual, but it will have an unusual buy in and an unusual prize pay out.

This event will have a Mandatory $10 buy in.

The winner of the tournament will get One 36 count booster display of Magic the Gathering Product, they may choose any one box from our store stock of Standard Legal Booster displays.

  • Decks must be Standard Legal
  • $10 buy in
  • Round One will begin at 6:30pm
  • There will be prize payout to 2 – 8 depending upon participation
  • We will do a Top 8 set of rounds if we get at least 16 participants.

    Ravnica Allegiance

    Win a full Booster Display by playing and winning FNM

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