Friday Night Magic

12/28/18 :: 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Every Friday Night we will offer two tournament formats: Standard Format and Booster Draft

Both events will begin shortly after 6pm. Feel free to pre-register for either event (providing we have not hit caps) anytime before 6pm on Fridays. You may call, stop in, or message us on our Facebook Page.

For your reference on what is legal to play in your standard deck, please visit Wizards of the Coast for build details and legal sets.

We will always strive to utilize the most current set for Drafting Purposes.

Standard will have an optional $5 buy in. Round one will begin at 6:30pm

Booster Drafts will have a mandatory $15 buy in. Drafting and deck construction will begin at 6:30pm

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