Battlebond Sealed Event

06/10/18 :: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Battlebond drops this week and we are happily selling displays of this interesting set. It has great reprints and some unique cards which I’m confident will make the set collectible, especially in the hands of clever Commander players! To that end we will be helping you enjoy this set the way it was intended, in a sealed format via a two headed giant. Each player will require a partner, that team will be issued six booster packs of Battlebond and they will create two 40 card minimum decks. Here is a link to some rules regarding game play and construction – LINKY

I suggest perusing the wiki page a little bit before playing, but if you are the jump in with two feet sort, then more the merrier. Entry fee will be $30 per team or $15 per player. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find someone to arrive with, I encourage you to show up regardless, there may well be someone on hand looking to partner with you, at the very least you’ll get some eyes on some of our other locals and meet some other MTG players.

This event is scheduled to begin at store open, we’ll officially begin deck construction at 12:30pm, you and your teammate will have 50 minutes for deck construction. Rounds are best of 1 game, 50 minutes long and matches that go to time go to a 3 turn countdown before being declared a draw.

IF we get 8 full teams or more, I will give the winning team $50 store credit to split as a bonus for first place.  So I suggest you encourage your friends to attend. Prize payout otherwise will be a normal assortment paid out to the top 50% teams, via strength of record, in Battlebond sealed product.

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