Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!
Tulips.com 2009 Bloom Map by RoozenGaarde!

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  • by Glen on Mar 11, 2013 at 11:21:31 PM Stumbling Through Previews March 2013

    Dark Horse
    X #1 of 4 - A violent masked vigilante is taking on the criminal scum of Arcadia. He's got only one eye so he might just shoot you in the face. Duane Swierczynski, writing for his fifth publisher, and check out his novels, brings back one of the few successful characters from Comics Greatest World. Art by Eric Nguyen. $2.99

    Dark Horse Presents #24 - Introducing a new superhero, Blackout, by Frank Barbiere and Micah Kaneshiro. Ron Randall brings back Trekker, one of the mainstays of the early issues of DHP. Plus Hunter Quaid by Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal. 80 ad free pages for $7.99.

    Dream Thief #1 of 5 - John Lincoln steals an Aboriginal mask, that's never a good idea, and spirits possess his body and get up to no good while he sleeps. Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood. $3.99

    Mister X: Eviction #1 of 3 - More stylish mystery from Dean Motter. $3.99

    King Conan: Hour of the Dragon #1 of 6 - Timothy Truman and Tomas Giorello are back for an adaptation of Robert E Howard's only Conan novel. Conan fights to save his kingdom and his throne from Xaltotun the sorcerer. $3.50

    Akaneiro #1 of 3 - American McGee reenvisions Red Riding Hood set in Japanese folklore. Written by Justin Aclin with art by Vasilis Lolos. $3.99

    Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells a Rat - Someone is killing bums and dumping them in the sewer. Lobster Johnson is on the case. "Taste my vengeance!" Art by Kevin Nowlan. $3.50

    The Fall of the House of Usher #1 of 2 - Richard Corben adapts Edgar Allan Poe's disturbing incestuous nightmare with his disturbing art style. Don't blame me if your house ends up at the bottom of a swamp. $3.99

    The Green Team #1 - The 1% and above throw their money around the DC Universe. Written by Art Baltazar and Franco. Art by Ig Guara. $2.99

    The Movement #1 - The 99% are tired of being pushed around. Now they have their own superheroes. Written by Gail Simone (no pun intended) and art by Freddie Williams II. $2.99

    The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #20 - Final Issue

    The Savage Hawkman #20 - Final Issue

    Green Lantern #20 - Final Geoff Johns Issue

    Green Lantern Corps #20 - Final Peter Tomasi Issue

    Green Lantern: New Guardians #20 - Final Tony Bedard Issue

    Red Lantern #20 - Final Peter Milligan Issue

    Sword of Sorcery #8 - Final Issue

    Team 7 #8 - Final Issue

    Deathstroke #20 - Final Issue

    The Ravagers #12 - Final Issue

    Harlan Ellison's 7 Against Chaos HC - Noted curmudgeon and author of the fantastic Harlan Ellison writes something new and award winning creator of Concrete (not the building material) draws something new. Reality is falling apart and seven beings with seven powers must find what is causing it and stop it. $24.99

    Adventures of Superman #1 - Now not including an Orson Scott Card story for all of you supporters of the homosexual agenda/lifestyle out there. $3.99

    Before Watchmen HCs - If you want your Alan Moore hating comics in deluxe hard cover style, order them now. $29.99

    The Wake #1 of 10 - Vertigo brings you a story of something scary under the water. Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. $2.99

    Animal Man Omnibus HC - Grant Morrison's run on the Vertigo Animal Man. Weird things happen when Buddy Baker plays with his pets. 712 pgs. $75.00

    Promethea: The Immateria Edition HC - All 32 issues by Alan Moore and JH Williams. Presented in landscape format to fully appreciate the double page spreads by Williams. 496 pgs. $150

    Doomsday.1 #1 of 4 - John Byrne writes and draws another comic about the end of the world. That guy is a total bummer. $3.99

    Half Past Danger #1 - Dames. Dinosaurs. Danger. Need I say more? By Stephen Mooney. $3.99

    Torpedo, Vol 3 - Luca Torelli is the Torpedo, a killer for hire in 1930s New York. Torelli abuses his sidekick, misuses the ladies, and kills lots of people because that is how he rolls. Morbid, dark humor from Abuli and Bernet. Also boobies. Order volumes one and two as well. $17.99

    Ten Grand #1 - JMS and Templesmith. Is that enough? No? Joe the mob enforcer and his girlfriend Laura are killed. Joe is blackmailed by an angel to work as a killer for heaven in order to be able to spend time with Laura between jobs. Why can't all-powerful beings do their own dirty work? Are they too good to get their feathers dirty? $2.99

    The Bounce #1 - Joe Casey brings us a new slacker superhero. He flies around like Spider-"Man" but maybe he is not a total twat. Art by David Messina. $2.99

    The Dream Merchant #1 of 6 - Winslow has dreams about the reality that is hidden from the rest of us. Now sinister forces are after him. Written by Nathan Edmondson. $3.50

    Superior Spider-Man #9 - "Superior No More!" Slott, Stegman. $3.99

    Superior Spider-Man #10 - Some more Superior! Slott, Camuncoli. $3.99

    Iron Man #258.1 - 258.4 - Four issues. Armor Wars 2. David Michelinie, Dave Ross, Bob Layton. $3.99

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23 - "Spider-Man No More!" Or not. Bendis, Marquez. $3.99

    Avengers: The Enemy Within #1 - Avengers Assemble tries to stir up interest in Captain Marvel with a five part crossover. Kelly Sue Deconnick, Scott Hepburn. $2.99

    Captain Universe: The Hero Who Could Be You #1 - Because Captain Universe is showing up in Avengers #12, Marvel reprints a bunch of Captain Universe stuff that you never read because you weren't born yet. By a bunch of old guys. 104 pgs (probably with a whole bunch of ads). $7.99

    Kick-Ass 3 #1 of 8 - The final arc. Who will live? Who will die? Who will get covered in blood? (Probably everyone.) How long will it take to come out? Collect all six covers to reveal the secret message. (Spoiler: Suckers!) $2.99

    Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero HC - Prequel to the Guillermo del Toro movie. Kaiju vs Jaegers. Written by screenwriter Travis Beacham. 112 pgs. $24.99

    Shanna poster - Shanna the She-Devil drawn by noted European pin-up master Milo Manara. $8.99

    Unclench your butt cheeks its The Back of Previews
    Ehmm Theory one-shot - Zombie little-people and a talking cat. Action Labs. $3.99

    Supermag - A collection of Jim Rugg's latest short work. Adhouse Books. $9.95

    The Westwood Witches #1 - Jack Kurtzberg hates the witch romance bestsellers he writes and he has writer's block. He moves in next to some witches. And not the friendly kind. El Torres and Abel Garcia. Amigo Comics. $3.99

    Macabre #1 - Richard Moore does sexy horror with a funny twist. (I have no idea what that means.) Antarctic Press. $3.50

    Arsenic Lullaby: The Big Stall - Don't make Doug Paszkiewicz cry. Order this book so that he won't have to take his toys and leave - to Kickstarter. Probably contains offensive humor. Arsenic Lullaby Publishing. $11.99

    Charismagic Vol 2 #1 - Another series pits magician Hank Medley against ancient evil. Vince Hernandez and Vincenzo Cucca. Aspen. $1

    Crossed: Wish You Were Here Vol 2 - The free online comic gets another collected volume. Simon Spurrier and Jacen Burrows. Avatar. $19.99

    Twelve Reasons to Die #1 - Another entry in the musicians-writing-comics-based-on-their-albums genre. Ghostface Killah and The RZA, two comic book characters writing comics. Oh the meta-textuality! Black Mask Comics. $3.50

    Occupy Comics #1 - Jump on the controversial band-wagon two years too late and read the controversial comic meant to support a dead movement. Be preached at by Alan Moore. See if Charlie Adlard can kill off the popularity of The Walking Dead. Are you now or have you ever been a communist book writer? Black Mask Comics. $3.50

    Suicide Risk #1 - What does a regular cop do in a world full of super-villains? Mike Carey and Elena Casagrande. Boom! $3.99

    New Genesis #1 of 12 - From the pen of Clive Barker. Julian Demond goes on walkabout and meets a being who claims to be God. What mischief can they get up to? Art by Haemi Jang. Boom! $3.99

    Silence & Co - Disillusioned hitman Alexander Maranzano takes a job from a shadowy organization that takes him all over the world. Gur Benshemesh and Ron Randall. 178 pgs. Crystal Productions. $9.99

    Paying for It - Chester Brown talks about his experiences patronizing the oldest profession. Prostitutes. Whores. Street walkers. Ladies of the night. Fallen women. Hookers. Painted Jezebels. Pimps. Madames. Cat houses. Gentleman's clubs. You get the picture. Now look at the pictures - if you dare. Drawn & Quarterly. $19.95

    The Black Bat #1 - Before Batman there was the Black Bat. Before Daredevil there was the Black Bat. Before comic books there was the pulps. Now Dynamite brings us a Black Bat comic series and hopes to not be accused of ripping off the rip offs. Brian Bruccellato and Ronan Cliquet. $3.99

    Battlestar Galactica #1 - Abnett and Lanning write a series about the original series, hopefully including a womanizing Starbuck, a characterless Apollo, female eye candy, Captain Ben Cartwright, and an annoying robot dog all being chased by guys in tin-foil suits. Dynamite. $3.99

    Grimm #1 - Based on the TV show. Dynamite. $3.99

    Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes HC - Matt Kindt brings us the strange cases of Detective Gould. First Second. 272 pgs. $26.99

    Brenda Starr Vol 1 - Pre-code good girls, bondage, and other fine things. Comics that got Fredric Wertham's juices flowing. With art by Jack Kamen, and Matt Baker. Hermes Press. 256 pgs. $60

    Rogue Trooper: Welcome to Nu-Earth - On a planet ravaged by an unending war, one biologically engineered trooper has gone rogue. A violent tale of future vengeance. One of the seminal comics from 2000 AD. Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. Rebellion. 176 pgs. $11

    Numbercruncher #1 of 4 - Bastard Zane has to track down the man who has figured out how to endlessly reincarnate in order to be with his beloved and cheat the Divine Calculator. Simon Spurrier and PJ Holden. Titan. $3.99

    Are You Alice? Vol 1 - A boy named Alice is forced to play the "Kill the White Rabbit Game". Japanese cultural imperialists misappropriate Western culture. Again. Yen Press. $11.99

    Not Comics, Oh My!
    Doctor Who: The Harvest of Time - Hard science fiction master Alastair Reynolds takes a crack at the Third Doctor. $9.99

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane HC - Neil Gaiman's next novel. Marvelous, dangerous, darkest imagination, invasive creatures, primal horror, menace, forces gather, courage, extraordinary women, unexpected cost. $25.99

    Galactus Sculpted Metal Bottle Opener - Open all of your bottles with the Devourer of Worlds. Fortunately he is not the Devourer of Beverages. $18

    Mechawhales PVC Figure - They are whales and they are mechas and they are here to fight aliens. $45

    Breaking Bad 6-Inch Bobblehead - Walter White in his yellow haz-mat suit is ready to make some meth and bobble his head for you. $14.99

    King Kong S.H. Monster Arts Figure - Fully poseable, highly detailed with interchangeable parts. 6 1/4 inches tall. $64.99

    Tintin: Captain Haddock with Bottle - High quality lead alloy figurine. 3 inches tall. Teach your kids the joys of alcoholism. $90

    Doctor Who: 4th Doctor 12 Foot Scarf - Trip yourself up with your own copy of the 4th Doctor's iconic scarf. $54.99

    Jackie Chan Double Feature: Police Story / Police Story 2 - Jackie Chan kicking ass and taking names - Chinese names. Blu-Ray $19.97, DVD $12.99

    From Beyond - Stuart Gordon's follow up to Re-animator. More gore loosely based on an HP Lovecraft story. Combo-pack. $29.93

    Repo Man (Criterion Collection) - The 80s cult classic gets the high-brow treatment. A teenage punk (Emilio Estevez) , a crusty repo man (Harry Dean Stanton), and an addled druggie (Tracey Walter) chase a stolen car with something mysterious in the trunk. Blu-Ray $39.95, DVD $29.95

    The Inappropriate Solicitation Award goes to:
    Seka 1:4-Scale Bookends - Housewife by day. Porn star by night. Seka portrays both on your bookshelves. With removable clothing! $249.99



    • on Mar 12, 2013 at 2:42:32 PM ThePatrick

      Lobster Johnson! Cool! I like how many of those DC comics are final issues. Also, you lied to me Glen.

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